Our illustrated Lyon travel guide !

Our illustrated Lyon travel guide !


The capital of Gastronomy welcomes you with open arms! Here are our recommendations for a visit to the city's must-see neighborhoods in just a few days!

01. Visit to Old Lyon and Saint Jean Cathedral

Entirely classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Lyon is, along with Venice, the largest medieval and Renaissance district that has remained intact to this day. You just have to wander through its streets, stroll through the typical Lyonnais traboules, pass through the monumental door of Saint Jean Cathedral to discover the mysterious old town. You can have lunch in a traditional Lyonnais bouchon, you will be spoiled for choice with good tables: the most starred street in the world is located on Rue du Bœuf, right in the heart of Old Lyon!


02. Climb up to Fourvière and admire the view of the city

Strolling through Old Lyon will lead you to climb the immense stairs that ascend the Fourvière hill. For the less adventurous, you can always take "La Ficelle," the nickname for the iconic red funicular! Up there, a view of the city awaits you, the Basilica of Fourvière, a major pilgrimage site, will welcome you with its richly ornamented decor, as well as the Ancient Theater, a trace of the first Roman occupations, a century before Jesus Christ.


03. Get lost in the courtyards of the Hôtel Dieu

Formerly Lyon's hospital, the Grand Hôtel Dieu is now a place of commerce and leisure. Its gigantic 400-meter facade and monumental dome, designed by Soufflot, can be admired from the banks of the Rhône! A small recommendation: take a peek, or have a coffee at Le Dôme, the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel, to admire the sculpted underside of the monumental dome, magnificent. And of course, come visit us at the boutique!


04. Visit an exhibition at the Confluence Museum

The Confluence Museum offers both a rich and diverse program and an exceptional view of the city, being built at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers.


05. Swim on the banks of the Rhône

The Rhône swimming pool is built on the riverbanks,  feet in the water! It houses a leisure pool where you can lie on a bed of bubbles, with an incomparable view of the Lyon Peninsula. What municipal swimming pool can say the same ?!

06. Discover the Fresco of the Lyonnais

Sur les quais de Saône, vous pourrez prendre le Vaporetto, navette fluviale qui  parcourt la Saône du Nord au Sud et offre un magnifique spectacle à moindre prix. Arrêtez- vous pour admirer la Fresque des Lyonnais, immense mur peint à l'effigie de 25 personnalités locales.

07. Have a drink at Place Sathonay

Right next to it, at the foot of the slopes of Croix-Rousse, discover this lively square where you can have a drink and eat on one of the many terraces surrounding it!


08. Eat oysters at the Croix-Rousse market

In Lyon, there are two hills: "the one that prays" (the hill of Fourvière) and "the one that works" (the hill of Croix-Rousse) ! An emblematic working-class neighborhood of Lyon, known for silk production and the revolt of the Canuts, it houses gardens, artisan and designer shops, and a large food market, every day, where it is customary to eat oysters after shopping.


09. Discover where the first film in history was shot

Lyon is the city where cinema was invented, by the Lumière Brothers, and where the first film in history was shot! At the Lumière Museum, you will discover the place where "La sortie d'usine" was shot, but also visit the house of the two brothers: Villa Lumière. Many film screenings are scheduled throughout the year !


10. Bring back a quality souvenir from your stay !

Finally, to conclude your stay, why not bring back a 100% Lyonnais quality souvenir ? At the boutique, we are committed to offering you a selection of carefully chosen gifts and souvenirs, made with quality materials, preferably made in France. All products are based on Emilie's drawings, made with a pen in her Lyon workshop.

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